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The Worms Reloaded slot machine by Blueprint Gaming is clearly themed upon the wacky hit computer game of the same name, developed by Team-17 and released in 1995. Reloaded is the second slot game based upon the Worms computer game, and this one comes with a huge progressive jackpot.

A Slot Based Over Five Reels

Worms Reloaded slots are set upon five reels, each reel containing three symbols. The symbols include the standard slot machine symbols – Ace, Jack, Queen and King, then other symbols that are themed around the classic Team 17 game. Not only does this slot game have themed symbols, but also great sound fx outtakes from the original game, that we are sure any fan of the game will recognise.

Action Packed Online Slot

The slot is as every mush action packed as the original game by Team 17 is, coming with no less than four different wild features during a spin of the reels. Wild features include – Holy Hand Grenade Wilds, Banana Bomb Wilds, Concrete Donkey Wilds and Teleport Wilds. And these are just a few of the on reel functions. On top of all this great action, a player can open up four different bonus games – Battle Ground Bonus, Jetpack Bonus, Blitz Blast Bonus and the Super Sheep Bonus.

The bonus rounds are activated via landing three scatter symbols on the reels. In order, the first two scatter symbols are Bonus symbols, and the third symbol relates to one of the four bonus games. So you could have Bonus – Bonus – Blitz Blast Bonus.

Worms Reloaded Bonus Games Available

The Battle Ground Bonus – This is a progressive pick me bonus game. Upon entering the bonus, you will be taken to the battle ground. Here you must select mines that will either reward you or end your game.

The Jetpack Bonus – Land this bonus game and you will be jetted off into space. This is a two part bonus game. First up you are given the option to choose between UFOs. Each UFO will either reveal – Advance, Collect or Big Money Bonus. Advance moves the player further along the trail, Collect ends the bonus, and the player takes their winnings and Big Money Bonus takes the player directly to the Big Money bonus game. If you are lucky enough to make it to the Big Money Bonus Game, you will have to option to pick a planet to destroy. This will then reveal a rather sizable multiplier bonus.

The Super Sheep Bonus – This is a free spins bonus game. Players are rewarded with six free spins in the Royal Worms Castle, you will be taken to a slot that is slightly different than the Worms Reloaded slot machine, as this game comes with five reels but with four symbols on each reel, instead of three. Every free spin the player has the chance to gain three super sheep on the reels, these in turn will start to add multiple wild symbols on the reels. Once a player has use all six free spins, there is a chance to gain another six free spins. At the end of the game the player is presented with a selection of hand grenades to choose from, choose the Super Sheep and play on with more free spins.

The Blitz Blast Bonus – This is also another free spins bonus game. The game does not actually come with an amount of free spins. Instead the game comes with a worm strapped to a missile, and another worm who lights the missile. The game starts once it is lit and finishes once your worm is shot off into the sky.

Here at Slotszone UK casino, you can play Worms Reloaded slot machine via your mobile phone if you use an Android or iPhone system. You can also choose to play via a Laptop or Desktop PC. Have fun playing Worms slots wherever you are.