Baccarat is a true game of luck and strategy. The beauty of the game is in the fact that there’s no decision-making on the part of the player. The only thing the player needs to do is to place the bet, and the rest is on the dealer. This makes baccarat a perfect game for beginners and those players who don’t rely on their own decisions when it comes to the game moves. All this makes baccarat a simple, yet a really enjoyable game that includes real thrill and excitement. The suspense of the waiting for the dealer to reveal the card that will determine the outcome of the round is a thrill all casino players seek for in a game. These are the very reasons why baccarat has become one of the most played casino games online.

Learn the Rules and Enjoy Baccarat Online

The rules and features of the game are very simple and easy to manage, and the dealer is the one that does all the work. Mainly, the goal of the game is to bet which hand will win or to stake for a tie. The winner of the game is the hand with the total closest to 9. And that’s the whole philosophy. Before the game starts, naturally, you need to place your bets and there are 3 choices you can make: to bet on the Player, the Banker, or a Tie. After placing your bet, the dealer deals 2 card hands (for the player and the banker). Initially, there are two cards dealt for each hand, but depending on the card value the dealer will deal another third card for the banker’s or player’s hand. This leads us to the card values, which you should probably get yourself familiar to, in order to follow the game more easily. And this is a simple calculation as aces are worth 1, number cards carry their own values, while queens, jacks, and kings are worth zero. Since the aim of the game is to have cards closest to nine, when cards total value is 10 or above, 10 is subtracted. And this is the fun part as you never know when only one card can mess your total value of a card hand.

Play Baccarat On Any Device

Baccarat is a lovely and exciting game of chance and luck. You can always form your own strategy on statistics and derive your next moves from it. This game is created to suit all devices so you can enjoy Baccarat on your desktop, tablet, laptop, and smartphones. Here at Slotszone, you can access the game instantly as no app or software download is needed.