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The Goonies slot machine is developed by Blueprint Gaming and it doesn’t take a genius to guess what it is themed around. Yes you got it, Steven Spielberg’s 1980’s cult classic movie “The Goonies”. If you are a fan of the film, then you are going to love the slot game. Just like the movie, the slot machine comes ram-packed with action and adventure.

The slot game comes with fantastic graphics from the film, along with a great sound track and sound FX clips, which we are sure most of you will recognise. Even if you have never watched the film, you are still going to love this feature rich slot machine from Blueprint Gaming.

The Goonies RTP And Technical Information

Now the more technical aspects of the game, The Goonies RTP (Return To Player) is 96%, this is pretty standard amongst online slot machines, although you can get mush higer RTP slots online. In most cases you can bet from a ramnge of 10 pence and all the way up to 100 pounds, making this a great machine for all levels of players. It is played over five reels and comes with a standard 20 fixed pay-lines. The Goonies slots are considered to be of a medium to high volatility and come with a maximum win of 500 times your betting stake.

A Slot Game Packed Full Of Bonuses And Features

As we have mentioned, this slot comes packed with action, and certainly will not disapoint. If you thought slots like King Kong Cash came packed with bonuses, then Blueprint Gaming have really over done it with the bonus rounds on The Goonies slot machine. Overall there are six special reel features, and six main bonus games, all of which are great fun to play. Below we will go through each one individually.
First up we have the special reel features:

  • One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost: When randomly triggered extra scatter symbols are added to the reels by the many, making it far more likely that you will spin in three or more scatter symbols to start the main bonus games.
  • Sloths Win Spin Feature: This feature will gaurantee you a big win on the reels.
  • Mikey’s Hidden Treasure Feature: In this feature any of the five reels can become stacked wilds.
  • Data’s Collosal Symbol Feature: This is one of our favourite reel features. Here you will get a three by three collosal symbol on the reels, which normally pays out big.
  • Mouth’s Lucky Copin Feature: This feature adds golden coins to the reels, when the reels come to a stop, the coins will merge into one symbol on the reels, offten paying out big wins.
  • Truffle Shuffle Wild Feature: Chunk will glide across the reels adding random wilds to the reels. Often adding five or more wilds to the reels.

The Main Bonus Games Of The Slot Machine

Next up we have the main bonus games that come with the Goonies slot machine. There are six in toatal and all great fun to play.

To enter the main bonuses you need to spin in three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Once you have done this, you will be whisked away to the bonus wheel. Here you must spin the wheel to see which bonus you recieve. There is also a gamble feature on the bonus wheel, so you can gamble for bigger and better bonuses.

  • Fratelli Hideout Bonus: The player will be presented with three keys and must choose one of them. One of them will give to a cash prize, another will end the bonus and the last will give you access to the hidden tunnel. The hidden tunnel wil enable you to advance on to one of the higher bonus games.
  • Skeleton Organ Bonus: Based upon the well know scene from the Goonies movie. Here you will have to play the Skeleton orgam, pressing keyes will reveal cash sums and multipliers.
  • Super Sloth Free Spins: This bonus is played on a new set of reels that feature the Fratelli family. In this game you are looking to land Sloth wilds on the reels. If you do, all Fratelli symbols on the reels are turned into the top paying symbol. At the end of the bonus you have a chance to win more cash. You get to choose a chest wich will either; end the feature, give extra free spins, give another spin on the bonus feature wheel to claim another bonus.
  • Goonies Go Wild Free Spins feature: This free spins game is also played on a new set of reels. After your initial free spin, one of the top symbols is turned into a wild symbol for the remainder of your free spins. When your free spins are over, you will be presented with three chests. One of them will give you more free spins, the other will end the bonus game, the last will give you an extra spin on the bonus wheel.
  • Inferno Free Spins Bonus: From the beginning of your free spins, from the right hand side of the reels, the Inferno will sail past the reels. On its way past it will tranform symbols into stacked wilds, ranging from one stack to three stacks of wild symbols.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Bonus: Here you will be presented with a spinning wheel of jewels. Each of the jewels come with different multiplier amounts. The bonus continues until you hit the booby trap.

So as you can see there is more than enough going on, on the Goonies slots. If you are a fan of slot machine ram packed with bonusese and reel features such as South Park slots or King Kong cash, then you are going to love the Goonies. Some of the reel features on the Goonies as you can probably tell, are very similar to those on King Kong Cash. Anyhow, this is certainly one slot machine we would highly recoment testing out.

Play Goonies Slots On Your Mobile Or Desktop Device

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