Speed Roulette Live

Speed Roulette Live

Playing Speed Roulette Online

Evolution Gaming folks are gaining their popularity in the online gambling world thanks to their innovative games. They’ve made their way up the ladder when it comes to table casino games and this is no wonder as all of them are highly popular among online gamblers. With Roulette being at the top of the list of favorite casino games, Evolution Gaming made several variants of the game.

Their Speed Roulette Live is just another five-star game. This one is a fast-paced game that is perfect for those players who don’t like wasting time and are only interested in winning as fast as possible. With the fast game comes an impeccable live-streaming from their studios in Latvia featuring professional and experienced dealers that can perfectly cope with the speed of the game.

Live casino games such as this particular one are amazing as you can get the real experience as if you were in a real casino at the roulette table through your devices such as desktop, tablet, laptop, and even smartphones which enable you to play on the go.

Speed Roulette Live is the Fastest Roulette Online

The main difference between Speed Roulette and Evolution’s Immersive Roulette or Live Roulette is that the betting time is drastically shortened and there is no any wasted time during the game. The most important trait this game provides is the speed; hence the name. Mainly, the way they manage to speed the game up is that the players have the time to place their bets while the ball is spinning on the wheel.

This also means that the players should make their betting decisions fast enough, otherwise they will have to wait for the next round. The time between rounds is only 25 seconds which is amazing as there is definitely no time wasted on passing from round to round or waiting for the players to place their bets before the ball spins, etc.

As soon as the ball lands on the pocket, the betting time begins and so on. With this time-management, Speed Roulette Live provides dozens of extra games within an hour as compared to other roulette versions.

As for the rules and bets, there are all the same as in other roulette versions. You can play on even/odd numbers, colors, particular numbers, a group of numbers, and so on. And on the plus side, this turbo-pace game is convenient for all kinds of players as betting limits go from as little as £0.50 to a maximum of £500 per bet.