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Casinos That Accept PayPal

paypal casino onlinePayPal today is probably the most popular and most used online payment system or e-wallet. It is a global leader in this field with more than 267 million accounts all around the world. With using PayPal, you get the safer and easiest way to pay and get paid online across different locations, currencies, and languages.

At online casinos, although there are many payment options as well as traditional ones such as bank transfer or credit/debit cards, PayPal is the most used one which is a no surprise since it’s quick and easy to use and most importantly, it is super safe.

How to Make a Casino Deposit Using PayPal?

The first thing you need to do in order to make deposits is to create a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. This is a piece of cake as you just go to their official website and follow the instructions. Your PayPal wallet can be linked to your credit/debit card or directly to your bank account. Anyhow, when you complete your registration and create your account, you are ready to make a deposit in the casino.

The first step is choosing PayPal as your preferred deposit option, insert the amount you wish do deposit (of course, you need to have a balance in your PayPal wallet in order to do this). The next thing is entering your PayPal account details, that is, your e-mail address and password, and you are good to go. The amount deposited will almost immediately show in your casino balance after which you can start enjoying all the fun at the casino. As simple as that.

Can You Cash Out Using PayPal?

The answer is yes. PayPal can also be used as a withdrawal method and the process is as easy as the previous one. The steps are similar as well. Just go to the banking section of the online casino and choose PayPal as the withdrawal option and from there on with just a few simple steps you will cash out your balance.

Simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino balance, enter the PayPal account details, approve the transaction, and that’s it. The time frame for withdrawals is a bit longer than with deposits, so you have to wait a certain amount of time for the amount to show in your PayPal wallet. The time depends on the casino, but the process is usually finished within a few working days.

Is PayPal a Safe Payment Method?

Yes, PayPal is extremely safe and secure and you have nothing to worry about. This is a renowned company founded back in 1998 which has won many awards for their excellence including the award Best Financial Service Site. So you can feel completely safe when using their services especially since they work only with trustworthy companies and partners so you can rest sure that the casino that offers PayPal payments method is definitely a secure one.

Anyhow, the fact that you don’t leave any bank details at the casino but just your PayPal account information is the added layer of security. Furthermore, PayPal monitors every transaction closely to prevent any possible frauds, e-mail phishing or identity thefts with all money transfers being protected behind their high-level encryption technology.

Advantages of Using PayPal as the Payment Option

First of all, the most important thing when it comes to money transactions online is safety. And with PayPal, you can relax and enjoy gambling online as they are the safest financial service. With their highly developed encryption technology and secure system, your transactions, as well as your personal data, are highly secured. Furthermore, PayPal will provide quick and easy deposits allowing you to enjoy at your online casino right away.

Withdrawal Times When Using PayPal

When it comes to withdrawals, the time period may be a bit longer than with deposits, but it is definitely a shorter period of time in comparison to using standard bank transfers, for example. And most importantly, the casinos won’t charge any fees if you opt for using PayPal as your payment option which is a big advantage. Also, if it happens that a casino doesn’t support your currency, PayPal will quickly solve the problem by automatically converting it to a supported currency.

A Popular Choice To Make Deposits With Online Casinos

All in all, it’s is clear why PayPal has become one of the most popular transaction methods in online casinos. The players get a quick, simple, and highly secure financial service online. Also, with their mobile app, the players can easily transfer money via their mobile device and have the access to their accounts on the go, which is a big benefit with today’s mobile phone generations.