Reel Rush

Reel Rush Slot Machine

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Reel Rush is a simple yet the most exciting slot game out there. This one is a top-notch pick from Net Entertainment’s portfolio as it offers the real thrill and the real rush we’re all seeking for. To start off, Reel Rush has just the perfect theme. It is the combination of the old-school Mario Bros platform style and ever-popular candies design.

If you’ve grown up with Nintendo, you’ll immediately feel the nostalgia upon opening up this game. With a colorful design and great graphics, Reel Rush offers the ultimate visual experience. Also, make sure to turn the sounds on, as the music will make your experience even better, trust us.

A Five Reel Slot With Forty Five Ways To Win

Anyhow, Reel Rush slot is a 5-reeler with 45 ways to win. But this is not all, it is just a beginning since with successive wins the number of ways to win increases up to the maximum of 3,125 ways to win! This slot doesn’t come with extra bonus features and rounds, except the Free Spins game. But it feels like it has all the extras thanks to its exciting gameplay.

You can play Reel Rush from a minimum of 50p per spin up to the maximum of £100. The winning potential is quite amazing going over 90,000! With the generous RTP of 97%, Reel Rush is definitely a slot worth checking out.

Candies, Re-spins, and Free Spins Bonus

The reel board is of a bit different structure here. At first, there are 12 positions that are covered and initially, you get to play with 45 ways to win. But the fun begins when you start hitting those wins as with each win you get a re-spin and the board opens up providing you with more ways to win.

Furthermore, there is a wild icon represented by Power-up Mario star that will help you out with your wins especially when covered positions start to activate. So the main catch here is to get as many successive wins as possible as this will uncover more and more positions on the reels until you finally reach the Free Spins which plays with 3, 125 ways to win!

How The Re-Spins Work

So, the basics are: after each win, you get a re-spin, more freed positions, and more ways to win. There are 6 levels at total. At normal game you play with 45 ways to win, first re-spin gets you 125 ways to win, the second one 405 ways to win, the third comes with 675 ways to win, the fourth re-spin plays with 1, 125 ways to win, while the fifth re-spin brings you1, 875 ways to win.

Finally, on the sixth re-spin, or the sixth successive win, you will enter the Free Spins Bonus round with 8 free games which comes with 3, 125 ways to win! You need to work a bit hard to get there, but once you reach it, there are some great wins hidden beyond those reels covered with different kinds of candies. Whenever you level up, the music will become more intense just like when playing Mario, making it a lot more exciting.

Play Reel Rush Online on Your Smartphone

Reel Rush is playable across all devices including desktop, tablet, as well as any kind of smartphone (such as Android or iPhone devices). All you need to start this Mario/candy rush is internet browser where you can instantly and directly launch the game. This game may not have many in-game features and bonuses but it does offer great gameplay and gaming experience.

With an increasing number of ways to win, it offers enhanced winning chances on each re-spin. So make sure to check this colorful and fun slot right away here at Slotszone casino.