Pixie Gold

Pixie Gold Slot Machine

Play Pixie Gold Slot Game Online

Pixie Gold slot is brought to us by Lightning Box and it comes with as much as 1,296 ways to win! This slot features a bit different layout which at first may seem a lot complicated but essentially it’s very simple to play. Pixie Gold is a fairy themed slot that will bring you to the enchanted forest full of magical creatures. This slot comes with wilds and special ‘free spins’ and here, it’s actually all about the Reelfecta reel where all the action happens.

Keep An Eye Out For The Wild Pixie Symbols

First things first. Pixie represents a wild symbol with a substitution role that appears on the third middle reel. It will fill up your winning combinations whenever possible by replacing all other symbols on the reels except the special King Star icon. The bigger prizes are won by combining more valuable symbols on the reels such as a snail or a ladybug which award up to 75x your bet, a mushroom house will award up to 100x, while the most valuable symbol on the reels is a King himself that will award up to 250x your bet for 5 of a kind.

The rest of the symbols you’ll find on the reels are a green bag, acorns, and 4 standard card icons. This slot is actually quite fun to play thanks to the special Reelfecta reel which gives more winning chances and allows the players to win more frequently.

Reelfecta Reel and Pixie Spin Feature

When you start the game and see the reel board you’ll probably think that there are 8 reels in total. And that’s fine as that’s what we thought at first. The thing is that this slot actually comes with 5 reels just like any other standard slot. The whole catch is that the first and the last two reels come with 3 rows high while the middle third reel is actually the mentioned Reelfecta reel that comes with 4 columns and 4 rows. This special reel counts as one reel only. It may take you a while to figure this whole layout out but eventually, you’ll get the whole idea behind it as you start spinning. It’s actually quite simple once you get to the core of the game.

Basically, the middle Reelfecta reel offers 16 symbols and it allows you to create multiple 3, 4, or 5 of a kind wins. Mainly, you need 2 symbols on the first two reels and one anywhere in the 4 middle columns to create a 3 of a kind win. Get more than one of that symbol in the 4 column grid and you’ll get multiple 3 of a kind wins.

Create Four Of A Kind And Boost Your Wins

To create 4 and 5 of a kind wins you’ll need those symbols on the last two side reels and as much as you can get in the middle reel to boost up your wins and multiple the combinations. You get the idea of how these special reels work. Just make sure to get as many symbols in the middle grid to match the ones on the side reels and your balance will boost up.

In the game, you’ll notice a mouse pulling a cart just below the reels on each spin. This little guy will help you out with activating the only Bonus feature in this slot, Pixie Spin Feature. Whenever a King Star symbol appears right above the mouse’s cart you’ll be awarded one free re-spin. It would be a shame if that was all for this feature. Luckily, there’s more to it.

The wild Pixie may appear on the second reel and secondly, one symbol will be chosen to be the lucky one and will be added to the middle Reelfecta reel. With that symbol on the side reels, you can get quite decent wins, especially if you get lucky and get them on 4th and 5th reel as well. This feature offers bigger chances for better wins thanks to that lucky symbol and wilds appearing on the 2nd and 3rd reel.

Play the Magic Pixie Gold Across All Devices

Pixie Gold slot is available for play on all devices including Android and iPhone devices on which the game looks great as well. With just a few clicks or taps you can start the game as it’s available for instant play here at Slotszone casino. All you need is an internet browser and you’re ready to spin away. This Lightning Box’s slot is a great game that offers a lot of fun thanks to its unusual reel layout. Even though there’s only one feature, there’s enough action to keep you engaged in the game as that middle 4 column reel is all you need to keep those wins accumulating.