Speed Baccarat Live

Speed Baccarat Live

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Evolution Gaming created another version of baccarat that will suit players who love fast games. The rules and the bets remained the same, while the pace of the game changed. Time-consuming features are gone so that the only thing left for the players to enjoy is the very action of baccarat game. The standard baccarat live game takes almost 50 seconds for a game round, while in Speed baccarat, that time is notably reduced to approximately 27 seconds per round.

Speed Baccarat Live: Time is Money

One of the things that contributed to the speed of the game is the betting time frame that is now 12 seconds, compared to the 15 seconds in the standard baccarat game. Also, the dealer does not waste time on squeezing the cards before revealing them. The players also don’t have control over the squeezing which takes a lot of time off the game round. So, every detail was worked on in order to provide a really fast game.

The dealer has a big role in the speed reduction of the game. Namely, instead of dealing the cards face down and then revealing them, the dealer deals all the cards face up. If the third card is needed for either hand, it is dealt immediately without any delay in order to create suspense or similar. Baccarat fans who like speed will love the fact that moving from round to round take almost half as much as in standard baccarat game. Those who have a special appreciation of time will love this baccarat version.

The rules of the game are the same as in the standard version of baccarat. So, you can place all the same bets such as player, baker, tie, and you can also benefit from different side bets as well. You should only keep an eye on the time as you have a few seconds less to place your bets. The quality of the cameras is still superb, except there are no views from multiple angles as that only slows down the game.

Enjoy the New Speed of Baccarat On Your Smartphone

If you like faster games, than you should definitely give Speed Baccarat a try, and you can do that on any device you have (desktop, laptop, tablet, and playing on the go on any kind of smartphone). Speed Baccarat Live is a great game providing true action in less than 30 seconds per round. But if you prefer more intense versions of baccarat, than Baccarat Squeeze might be a game for you.