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Evolution Gaming folks created Auto Roulette to be a fast game for those players who are interested in high efficiency and profitability. Auto Roulette is a part of the live casino category although it doesn’t come with a dealer. It features a high-quality interface that provides the authentic roulette experience. it consists of the betting table and wheel in the left corner of the screen.

The main spoke of the wheel is actually the authentic black and red roulette wheel. It is programmed to spin automatically which provides the fast game. Unlike in live casinos, there is no waiting for the dealer to take bets and start the wheel. Everything goes fast in the Auto Roulette which is the main goal in order to suit the players who are there for a fast and efficient game.

Online Auto Roulette Game Features

The rules of the game follow the traditional European Roulette with 36 numbers and one zero. So, in Auto Roulette game, the house edge is decreased (2.70%) in comparison to the American Roulette that features double zeroes. The bets you can make are standard to the roulette game: blacks and reds, odds and evens, and other. The biggest paying bet is, of course, the straight up inside bet where you basically bet on a single number. The payout is then 36 to 1.

The coin denominations are at the bottom of the screen, and all you need to do to place your bet is to select your chips and put place them wherever you choose on the betting table. After that, the wheel will automatically do all the job. Simple and fast play. To make the gambling experience better, there is the croupier’s voice telling you when to place your bets, or announcing the winning outcome and similar.

Roulette Variants at Slotszone Casino

If you are a fan of roulette, there are many variants of the game here at Slotszone. You can choose to play Auto Roulette La Partage with decreased house edge. But with today’s technology, live casino games are extremely popular as they provide a life-like gambling experience. Hence, you can check out Live Roulette or Immersive Roulette that comes with high-quality visuals providing you with the best roulette experience.