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Pirate stories have been a huge part of TV shows, movies, and literature. And no wonder since in the past, the pirates were the biggest force to have ruled the seas. But don’t think that women were excluded from this world of sailing the seas, as there were many female pirates in our history. Just think of Anne Bonny from the 18th century who was an Irish pirate of the Caribbean and most famous female pirates of all time.

Now Elk Studios bring us a slot called Wild Seas that focuses on a female pirate who rules the stormy seas. Lives of pirates were all about action and so is with Wild Seas slot that comes with two bonus features, wilds, wild sticky ships, sunk ships, and more. The design is of the slot is, of course, faithful to the theme. So the transparent reels are set on the background depicting a blue sea splashing its waves on the land of Port Royal.

A Must Play Five Reel Slot Game

As for the slot formation, there are 5 reels, 4 rows and as much as 178 ways to win! The symbols are all interesting so you will find 3 ship captains (English, French, and Portuguese) who are the enemies of our heroine pirate, a bronze, silver, and golden coins, and finally, the leading pirate captain which is the highest paying symbol. The blue Wild Seas flag is a wild symbol that has the substitution role and it is at the same time the Bonus symbols as 2 of them on the reels 2 and 4 activate the first Bonus feature which will lead your way to the second bonus round.

Wild Seas Free Spins Bonus Features

The first free spins round is called Break the Convoy and it is exciting as it sounds. Mainly, you will get one captain as your opponent which will replace the other two on the reels. Now, the convoy of Sailing Wild ships starts on the fifth reel moving leftwards on every free spin. Your weapon is the pirate ship that will appear on the reels and fire cannons at the Sailing Wild ships that act as wilds, of course. Any damaged ship stays sticky for one spin, while sunk ships are replaced by a Sticky Wild chest.

The aim is to sunk the ships as that leads you to the second Bonus round – Loot the Treasures. You need to sink at least one ship to get there. In this round the pirate ships fires at any closed chest on the reels making it a Sticky Wild until the end of the bonus round. This bonus round results in many sticky wilds that substitute for all symbols on the reels, which has the potential to end with a lot of big wins.

The bonus round may sound confusing, but as you enter them all will become much clearer as, more or less, it’s all about sticky wilds that help you enormously with hitting winning combos. So, prepare yourself for some pirate battle with canons shooting all around.

Play Wild Seas Slot Wherever You Are

The chance to rule the stormy seas is just a few clicks or taps away, as Wild Seas slot is available for play instantly without any software downloads. The game is suitable for all devices so you can enjoy this pirate-themed slot on a tablet, laptop, desktop or any kind of smartphone.

All in all, Elk Studios developer a pretty exciting slot that looks amazing and comes with just as amazing features that can create great winning chances for you with all the sticky wilds appearing on the reels. It is an action-packed slot that definitely has a great winning potential to offer.