No Deposit Casino Bonus

 All About Free Spins And No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Enticing casino offers exist to reel in new registrants with incentive bonuses. Online casinos are constantly looking to obtain new members as the competition is fierce and abundant. Recently, many big-name online casino organisations were fined for false advertising of offers. Some of the casinos involved were BGO, Gala, and Sky Vegas.

These offers in question were pegged as being highly misleading, informing visitors of free spin bonuses for their slot machine deposits, and even no deposit bonuses where they did not exist.

While there are some online casinos offering incentives of this level, the United Kingdom has recently begun cracking down on online casinos to ensure that advertised offers meet actual results.

What are these offers?

You may be wondering what these types of offers entail for you, the gambler. Online casinos offering free spin bonuses for casino slots, and no deposit bonuses for new members are giving new players a way to potentially win money without spending anything additional. While the odds of that happening are relatively low, it has been reported as successful for many in recent years, when offers such as these begun rising in popularity. There are many reputable online casinos offering a free £10 no deposit casino bonus, with some offering as much as £20 free with no deposit required. Where as with free spins offers, players can often get 10 free spins, 20 free spins, or even 50 free spins with no deposit required.

However, before jumping on the chance to take a casino up on some amazing free spin or no deposit bonus deal, the first thing that should be done is to ensure the casino being used is approved by the UK Gambling Commission and complies with all required rules and regulations.

Enter the UK Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is an executive, non-departmental public body of the UK’s government. The gambling commission is responsible for regulating gaming and supervising gambling laws in Great Britain. The UKGC’s authority does not stretch to Northern Ireland.

However, the Gambling Commission isn't responsible for granting planning permission for bookmakers stores on the high street -- these decisions are made by the regional authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, and also the regulation of spread betting is the responsibility of the Financial Conduct Authority.

The UK Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act of 2005, and assumed full power in 2007, taking over responsibility from the Gaming Board of Great Britain. In its current capacity, the UKGC regulates arcades, gambling, bingo, casinos, slot machines and lotteries, but not spread gambling (regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).

The Commission is a non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It is also responsible for the remote gambling, which extends to betting online, by telephone and other communication apparatus using the equipment, depending on the land of Great Britain. This covers the no deposit bonuses and free spins mentioned above.

For remote gambling, the Commission issues licenses to those operators whose remote gambling equipment is located in the territory of Great Britain. Operators who wish to advertise their services in England, Wales, or Scotland, but are located offshore, are required to obtain a license from the Gambling Commission after the passing the regulations of the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act 2014.

The 2014 Act changed the licensing requirements so that any company wishing to market gambling and take bets from customers in England, Wales, or Scotland must hold a license issued by the Gambling Commission. Previously, an operator at one of those white-listed gambling jurisdictions could advertise their services in Great Britain without requiring another license from the Commission. The proposals were opposed by the gaming industry, including the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association.

Can I pursue these free spins and no deposit betting offers?

If a casino is advertising an offer that has enticed you to try your hand at gambling, you can certainly pursue it at your own free will. However, make sure that the casino is reputable and working under the approval of the UK Gambling Commission. If they aren’t, players risk getting swindled in with a fake offer and potentially putting their money at risk.

Betting in the United Kingdom

As mentioned, there are a high percentage of reputable casinos offering no deposit bonuses and free spin bonuses to new players. Most of these are perfectly fine. But reading the fine print is a must in this day and age. If you are looking to seriously end up in the green, knowing solid strategies for your online betting is vital as well.

Adapting to some simple and sensible measures can assist in maximizing winnings based on new player bonuses if you do walk away a winner. Successful gambling is also about finding the perfect wagers to obtain the maximum return from your predictions or strategies.

The first thing to do if you don’t have an account at an online casino offering a solid new player bonus is to register. Ensure you register through the proper link to obtain the bonus, as sometimes extra letter appended to the URL of the registration page can be stripped when changing pages.

Taking advantage of these free spin and no deposit bonuses on online casinos in the UK can be lucrative, and can even lead to big winnings. Doing your own due diligence on the reputability of the casino is a must, however. Be smart about things, do your research, and your gambling experience will be a positive one.