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Hi-Lo Gambler is a simple game of chance and prediction. This is a game for which you don’t need to have any gambling experience or knowledge whatsoever as the game cannot be any easier to play. The game-play is based on your prediction of what the next drawn card will be. There are several bets you can make such as guessing the suit, color or value of the next random card or predicting whether it’s of higher or lower value. Hi-Lo Gambler is brought to us by Realistic Games who have created some exciting card games of this type.

Hi-Lo Gambler comes with simple looks with the main panel divided into three parts. The central one is reserved for your stakes and wagers, on the left panel there is the main card shown with 3 bets you can make, while on the right panel there are 6 more bets with payout values represented in multipliers of your total bet.

Right below the main panel is the card row where the cards are being drawn from. If you want to check the rules and learn more about the betting options you can just click on the ‘menu’ button in the upper corner of the screen and read everything about the game. As for the bets, the minimum amount to stake is £0.50 and each guess raises the stake making the game more thrilling and risky, but at the same time more lucrative because as always, the bigger stakes mean bigger awards.

Hi-Lo Gambler Game Play and Rules

The aim of the game is very simple and there’s not much to say about it: just predict what the next drawn card will be. When you start the game, of course, the first thing to do is to set your stake value by clicking on the stake up button and choosing the preferred wager. This will also activate the ‘stake down’ button which allows you to reduce your stake. The main card is already shown on the left panel and all you need to do after setting your stake is choose the bet and make your prediction about the card that will be randomly drawn.

There are 9 betting options in total. You can guess whether the next shown card will be higher, lower or the same card (the ‘snap’ bet). On the right panel, there are 6 more betting options that allow you to predict whether the next shown card will be Red, Black, King/Ace, any picture card, Ace, or any number between 2 and 9. For each of these predictions, there is the multiplier shown. So the award is the particular amount multiplied by your total bet.

Gamble Your Way To Bigger Prizes

With each right guess, your stake raises making the game more exciting, risky but also more lucrative as the awards also become bigger. When you make the right guess two more options for your wins will become available: Take All and Save Some. With Take All option all your winnings will be transferred to your balance, while the Save Some button will save a part of your winnings that will be transferred to your balance after the losing round. This way you can secure a part of your winnings and not risk losing it all.

Play On Your Mobile Phone Or Desktop

All in all, Hi-Lo Gambler is a simple game with simpler rules based on prediction and your own luck where you can win some solid awards. You can enjoy this game on all devices. So you can play at home on your desktop or laptop, or on the go via your tablet or any kind of smartphone. All you need to do to check out this simple but exciting game of chance is launch it instantly and directly from your internet browser and start guessing the cards.