Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Evolution

Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online For Money

Caribbean Stud Poker Live is a famous version of Texas Hold ‘em Poker and it is brought to the online gambling world by no one else but Evolution Gaming. Considering the provider, the game comes with exceptional graphics and HD live streaming from their studios in Latvia. Caribbean Stud Poker offers a limitless number of seats at the table as all players play on one hand which makes the game a fast-paced one.

Also, this popular poker variant is available for all devices so you can enjoy playing on desktop, tablet or on the go on your smartphones. And without the need to download any app or software, Caribbean Stud Poker is available for playing almost instantly by directly launching the game from our lobby.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Live?

The rules of the game are quite straight-forward and easy to follow. The players compete against the dealer and the main goal is to beat the dealer’s hand with the best poker combination of your own card hand. The game is played with one deck of cards, so after every round, the dealers change the deck and deal new and fresh set of cards.

Both the player and the dealer are dealt 5 cards each with player’s cards being dealt face up, while the dealer gets one card face up and the rest of them face down. Also, the dealer must have an Ace or King or higher to qualify for the game. When the cards are dealt, the player must decide whether to call or fold after which the whole dealer’s card hand is revealed.

Hands To Look Out For

As for the betting part, the players need to place the base Ante bet and have the option for one side bet which is there to spice up the game. The side bet is 5+1 Bonus and it involves creating the best combination of the player’s 5 cards and the dealer’s one face-up cards. The great part of this side bet is that no matter what the result of the main game against the dealer is, the bet is won if there is a winning combination.

This side bet has a lot of potential because for the Royal Flush the payout is the amazing 1000 to 1. So don’t be afraid to place some chips on this side bet as it has the potential to really boost your budget. Three of a Kind or better qualifies you for the win of the side bet and that regardless of the round outcome.

The Outcomes When Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

There are several possible outcomes in Caribbean Stud Poker. First, whenever you choose to call you will raise your bet by placing the same value as your Ante bet on the Call circle on the table. Now, when the dealer does not qualify and the player’s hand wins the player gets even money on the Ante bet while the Call bet is pushed. On the other hand, when the dealer does qualify and the player wins, the Ante bet brings even money and the Call bet is paid according to the payout value of the combination.

The biggest payout is, of course, for the Royal Flush that awards 100 to 1. All in all, the best possible outcome is to beat the qualifying dealer, which is only natural. But with 5+1 Bonus side bet in play, qualifying dealer or not, your chances are the same, you just need a bit of luck to make those big poker hands.