Baccarat Control Sqeeze

Baccarat Control Squeeze Evolution Gaming

Play Baccarat Control Squeeze Online

Baccarat Control Squeeze is yet another Evolution Gaming’s amazing creation. It comes with multiple HD cameras, friendly and professional dealers, and most importantly with your own control over the squeeze. This game is a live casino game and it is almost identical to the Baccarat Squeeze with the main difference of transferring the squeeze control from the banker to the dealer, where the player can peal the overlay mask in order to reveal the cards.

The gambling experience of this baccarat version will certainly appeal to the true baccarat fans due to the squeeze control and superb gambling environment that accepts an infinite number of players concurrently. The baccarat fans are able to enjoy the game on any device including smartphones (such as Android or iPhone), desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Game Play

In Baccarat Squeeze, the dealer is the one who squeezes the cards in order to increase the suspense and player’s anticipation while waiting for the outcome. And only the players with the highest bets can enjoy this privilege. But in control squeeze version of baccarat, the roles have changed.

Mainly, the change comes from the table modification. There is a glass panel on the table where the cards are placed under which there are cameras which enable you to see the cards. Those cards will show on the screen covered with a filter. And this is where the magic of squeezing happens. Just by moving your mouse pointer or sliding your fingers over the overlay mask, you will peel it off and reveal the cards.

If you don’t want to ‘peel’ the cards gradually, you can just click or tap on them and reveal them instantly. The time for squeezing the cards is limited so you should always try to be quick in the process in order to manage to view all the cards on time. Evolution Gaming did an amazing job putting into effect this squeeze control option as the feeling is almost life-like which only makes this game a top-notch one to try.

Rules  To Playing Baccarat Control Squeeze

As for the rules of the game, they are the same as in Baccarat Squeeze. The game supports bets such as betting on the player, the banker, either or perfect pair, player bonus or banker bonus. Basically, almost everything remained the same except for implementing the option for a player having the control over viewing the cards.