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Auto Roulette VIP powered by Evolution Gaming is created to suit serious players who tend to make high stakes at the roulette table. Due to the absence of a live dealer auto roulette provides a fast game without losing a second on waiting for the dealer to announce bet time starting the wheel or similar. Auto roulette can provide up to 80 games per hour thanks to its automatic wheel. This is great for those players who don’t like wasting time and are there for gambling only.

Play VIP Roulette With High Stakes

Evolution Gaming is one of the greatest game providers, so Auto Roulette VIP comes with top-notch graphics. Everything on the screen looks neat and easy to handle. The automatic wheel responsible for fast play is on the left corner, while the betting table takes the rest of the screen. VIP roulette is suited for high-rollers who wager big money. And in this case, serious players can place their bets up to the value of 20,000.

Interestingly enough the minimum bet is 0.20 making this auto roulette suitable for low and medium rollers. We say that this is strange because VIP games are usually created only for high-rollers with high betting limits. But luckily, Auto Roulette VIP accepts all kinds of players. Bets are easily placed by taking chips and putting them at the desired place at the betting table. You can place multiple chips on the table.

Since Auto Roulette VIP is based on the European Roulette, there are 36 numbers and a single zero. Thanks to the single zero layout the house edge is only 2.70%. The bets available are all standard: you can bet on reds, blacks, even or odd numbers, inside, outside bets, etc. As opposed to Live casino games, Auto Roulette VIP is available for play at all times. With no dealers and an automatic wheel, the game is fast with no second being wasted. While the ball spins, the wheel is zoomed in so you can have a better look at the game process.

Auto Roulette VIP is Available For All Devices

Auto Roulette VIP is available for play on all devices including any kind of smartphones. There’s no need to download any app or software, just launch the game directly on tour internet browser and enjoy.